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If you’re in the market for high-quality landscaping supplies, wholesale is definitely the way to go. We’re one of North Florida’s largest, most trusted landscape supply distributors with commercial landscape supplies for projects of all sizes and budgets. 

Let us help you create breathtaking pathways, build retaining walls, and light the way with more than 100+ lighting and accent features. We carry only the best in mulch, gravel, pavers and artificial turf, with natural stones like flagstone, limestone, and travertine available in bulk. 

Choose from our most popular lineup of hardscape and softscape materials and expect satisfaction with each and every truckload. 

We take pride in our business and aim to be the trusted supplier of yours!

Shop our most popular landscape supplies.

Edging Materials

Add curb appeal and define your landscape design with landscape edging from NFI. Whether you are using aluminum, steel or recycled plastic edging, create straight runs and large sweeping curves that will take your customers’ landscaping to the next level.

Mulch/Pine Straw

Enhance the visual appeal of a yard while reducing weed growth by putting down a layer of Mulch. NFI carries convenient 2 and 3 cu. ft. bags of high-quality Pine Bark, Red Mulch and Pine Straw bales.

Vinyl Fencing

Set your space apart with strong, durable, eco-friendly vinyl fencing from top manufacturers like National Vinyl Products and give your customers the privacy they need for a more secluded backyard setting.

Landscaped white picket fence
Artificial turf sample

Synthetic Turf

Artificial grass is the ultimate solution for a trouble-free lawn or landscape. Offering low maintenance, and a beautiful green yard year-round, solve common lawn problems with realistic looking synthetic turf. You can even WOW your customers with the idea of installing a putting green in their backyard oasis!

Rid O’ Rust®

Prevent ugly rust stains caused by iron in well water and irrigation systems. Add Rid O’ Rust to your customers’ irrigation systems in order to eliminate build-up on walls, sidewalks, fences, shrubs, and other elements of landscaping.