Irrigation Supplies

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North Florida Irrigation is your go-to wholesale distributor for all your irrigation supplies and equipment needs. With a legacy spanning over 40 years, we are renowned for being the most reliable source in North Florida for top-quality sprinklers and irrigation system supplies. Our extensive inventory includes a wide range of products designed for installing and maintaining efficient Florida-friendly irrigation systems, making us a one-stop shop for both retail and wholesale customers seeking the best in irrigation solutions.

As a premier supplier of irrigation equipment, we are committed to offering only the highest quality products, featuring the latest innovations from the industry’s leading brands and manufacturers. Our selection covers the most sought-after irrigation supplies in the market, endorsed by national irrigation experts, as well as those rare, hard-to-find items that set your system apart.

From garden sprinkler systems to comprehensive lawn irrigation supplies, North Florida Irrigation is dedicated to providing everything you need for a lush, green landscape. Trust us as your preferred irrigation equipment distributor to deliver unparalleled quality and performance, ensuring you find the perfect product for your needs every time.

At North Florida Irrigation, we carry:


  • Lawn Irrigation Supplies
  • Sprinkler Heads and Nozzles
  • Lawn and Garden Sprinklers 
  • Irrigation Controllers and Sensors
  • Surface Irrigation 
  • Subirrigation
  • Canal irrigation
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Garden Hoses and Parts
  • Identification and Marking
  • Irrigation Fittings and Pumps
  • Irrigation Piping and Tubing
  • Irrigation Tools and Accessories 
  • Commercial-grade valves and valve boxes
  • Water Filters and harvesting systems
  • Conservation devices
  • Rain sensors and soaker hoses
  • Wiring and Electrical Components
  • Drainage and Backflow prevention Supplies


From the simplest timers to WiFi, Bluetooth or 2-wire decoders, NFI offers a line of controllers from top vendors that can fit any residential or commercial irrigation system need. We also carry accessories to turn your irrigation controller into a water-saving expert. Ask us about our rain sensors, and flow sensor assemblies.


Ideal for watering large areas, NFI offers a wide variety of pumps and pump accessories. From shallow well jet, centrifugal, horizontal multi-stage, and deep well pumps to pump starts, tanks, pressure gauges, and galvanized fittings, turn to NFI for all your watering system needs.


We sell name brand sprinkler products in order to deliver you with durability, reliability and efficient watering. From pop-up sprays and rotors to adjustable, fixed specialty nozzles, NFI stocks an assortment of options for any lawn sprinkler system.


Valves are the heart of your irrigation system. For over 30 years we have sold commercial grade valves from vendors such as Rain Bird, K-Rain, Hunter, and Toro/Irritrol. Low pressure to high pressure and low flow to high flow, our vendors manufacture their products with the highest standards and exceptional functionality.