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The extra mile man—Harlan Eaton

posted on December 17th, 2014  |  Read more

Going the extra mile comes easy for Harlan Eaton, who brought his Iowa hard work ethic and good values to Florida, and established a family business in Jacksonville where serving the irrigation contractor is key. Harlan Eaton is not a giant of industry and he never really wanted to be. As a young boy growing […]

LED—Bright ideas!

posted on December 12th, 2014  |  Read more

Let’s call them LED for short: Light-Emitting Diodes. Light is produced when a current is passed through a solid-state semiconductor. Cool, fast and efficient—now that’s a bright idea! Why should my customers care? Once they’re installed, your customers can feel good about saving energy—and money on their electric bill and maintenance costs. LED lights: are […]

Holiday lighting: Bring your list—we’ll check it twice

posted on November 19th, 2014  |  Read more

Holiday lighting: Bring your list—We’ll Check it Twice Summer temperatures made it a challenge to think about outdoor holiday lighting, but now that it’s officially fall and mornings are cooler, it’s easier to contemplate over an early a.m. mug of hot coffee. New ideas, hi-tech lights, trendy styles, traditional holiday warmth—won’t your customers like those sugar […]

Take It Outside: Trends in Landscape Lighting

posted on October 31st, 2014  |  Read more

Well-executed outdoor lighting enhances architectural detail and plays up landscape features, casting a home in the best possible light and adding an abundance of curb appeal to any home. It is important to drive home the important of Landscape lighting to the home owner when attempting to close a deal. As a professional in the landscaping industry, and a home owner yourself, you know landscape lighting is essential. It is just as important to express the reasons for the importance of outdoor lighting to validate this need to a home owner.

$500 in Landscape Lighting Giveaway!

posted on June 30th, 2014  |  Read more

This giveaway is sponsored by Kichler Lighting and North Florida Irrigation for the amount of $500 in the Kichler product of your choice. If desired, the $500 can be used as a credit to any future Kichler purchase within the next year. Each individual can only enter the contest once.

The Dangers of Double Entry

posted on September 21st, 2010  |  Read more

Your business thrives upon relationships, no matter how big or small. Good relationships require good information. You need the right address for your techs to arrive at, and for you to bill to. You need the right phone number to remind them that you’ll be there at 8:00am on the 5th. You need the right email address so you can give them an e-newsletter, or even email an invoice.