LED—Bright ideas!

Let’s call them LED for short: Light-Emitting Diodes. Light is produced when a current is passed through a solid-state semiconductor. Cool, fast and efficient—now that’s a bright idea!

Why should my customers care?

Once they’re installed, your customers can feel good about saving energy—and money on their electric bill and maintenance costs. LED lights:

  • are very long lasting
  • turn on immediately, there’s no slow warm up time
  • have no filament to burn out
  • have bulbs that stay cooler
  • have no annoying “buzz” or hum
  • are really low maintenance
  • consume much less energy than regular incandescent or compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs

That should make for happy customers.


What do I need to explain to my customers?

  • LED fixtures and lamps will seem like an expensive investment to your customers when compared to traditional incandescent solutions, but it is a good one that will prove to be a superior, energy-saving product in the long run.
  • LED lighting products are very efficient, using about 75% less electricity than an incandescent bulb.
  • They come in a range of light colors and a large variety of home or landscape lighting products.
  • They use less wattage to produce the same level of brightness of traditional bulbs
  • They are environmentally safe—there’s no mercury as used in CFL bulbs.
  • Plus, sell your customers on the multi-year warranty offered on new LED fixtures and replacement lamps.

What else do I need to know about it?

The technology has been around for many decades. Recent developments have dramatically improved performance and quality, making more product solutions available for consumer and commercial uses.

What products are LED now?

LED products offer many lighting solutions: decorative, directional or dimming, for accent or display, and indoor or outdoor. Customers can select Energy Star® products, too.

Your residential or commercial customers will be interested in low-voltage LED landscape lighting for illuminating sidewalks, flowerbeds or garden paths, or floodlights to showcase their business, pool, deck, patio, home, or to light larger areas around it. Slim LED styles can be used under handrails or to light steps, making walking around their home or business at night much safer. Check out our array of Kichler Lighting products for a wide range of quality landscape lighting solutions.

In addition to brilliant holiday décor, the many colors and styles that LED holiday lights come in will make your customers look for excuses to have a party—suggest lots of red, white and blue lights for patriots everywhere, orange lights for Halloween, or light up for festive occasions like graduations or anniversaries.

Bright lights. Bright outlook for years of savings.