The Dangers of Double Entry

HindSite’s Strong Contractor Series
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Think about this:

When you get a call from a new customer, how many times do have to write down that phone number?

NFIE & HindSiteYour business thrives upon relationships, no matter how big or small. Good relationships require good information. You need the right address for your techs to arrive at, and for you to bill to. You need the right phone number to remind them that you’ll be there at 8:00am on the 5th. You need the right email address so you can give them an e-newsletter, or even email an invoice.

The chances of that information being incorrect increases exponentially every time you have to re-write a piece of information. The best case scenario is that you have to dig for a phone number. The worst? Your cost increases by driving around needlessly, or maybe you never even get paid.

Use a tool that will connect all of your customer information seamlessly (such as integrating scheduling with QuickBooks) and you’ll find you bring greater professionalism to your customers, while cutting down on costly – if innocent – mistakes.

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