Take It Outside: Trends in Landscape Lighting

Well-executed outdoor lighting enhances architectural detail and plays up landscape features, casting a home in the best possible light and adding an abundance of curb appeal to any home. It is important to drive home the important of Landscape lighting to the home owner when attempting to close a deal. As a professional in the landscaping industry, and a home owner yourself, you know landscape lighting is essential. It is just as important to express the reasons for the importance of outdoor lighting to validate this need to a home owner.

Create a Call to Action.

Outdoor lighting also adds value. Judith Patriski, an appraiser and owner of Quad Realty Co. near Cleveland, estimates that for upper-bracket homes, an investment in outdoor lighting can yield a 50% return. “When you pull into a driveway and see a gorgeous home, you’re going to pay more for it,” says Patriski. And she emphasizes that it’s not only about aesthetics: “In all price ranges, lighting for security is important” — to protect against both intruders and falls.

Make it Visual.

After you help the homeowner understand the purpose of landscape lighting, you then sketch the yard and make it visual. Include in the sketch existing lights, buildings, benches, trees and shrubs, as well as the vegetation and decorations in the garden. Each of these items will reflect light or absorb it. Estimate the height of each of the objects, especially the foliage.

Power of Product Placement

Match the reason for lighting to specific locations in your backyard. You may want to illuminate a bench along the path with a pole-type lamp placed behind it. A soft mood can be achieved by hiding landscape lighting under shrubs. A path may require a series of short stake lights along its border on one side or on both sides. A water fountain can be enhanced with a spotlight, and a pond can have soft lighting around its perimeter.

Taking the time to learn the value of your products in-depth not only will it l endorse your services on it’s own, meanwhile it will greatly benefit your customers by engaging the power of ethos persuasion-by validating your business’ character and credibility. Now what’s better than that?